Design Paradigms

Modular Systems

combine independently designed subsystems or modules to form a functioning, unitary product.

Integrated Systems

are designed as a single structure with one set of product functions.

Existing Catheter Paradigm: Minimally invasive surgical catheters are only designed as integrated systems


The Covellus Modular System is simple. 

It enables physicians to to create catheter devices by combining two independent modules at the distal end...

  • At the time of the procedure

  • In response to evolving needs

Covellus Technology

Parent Module (Distal End)

Adapter Module

Adapter Module inserted into Parent Module

Combined system cannot be separated

Adapter Module

Parent Module (Distal End)

Covellus System Benefits


Modular Systems can be leveraged to...

  • Improve access to appropriate devices

  • Create customization options for physicians

  • Reduce costs for all stakeholders

  • Streamline the pathway for device development and approval

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