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January 1, 2021 - Healthy eating as a start up entrepreneur

Running a medtech start up is like running a marathon, except when you think you see the finish line there is a high probability it is just a mirage. You must just keep running right past what you thought was the finish line. For my journey with Covellus several factors have helped me along the way


1 Luck. A little or even a lot of luck seems to be part of the success equation

2 Unrelenting mental positivity. Focus on success and the positivity of those around you

3 Physical health. Stay in shape and eat healthy


A shift to less process foods went a long way to improving WHAT I eat but controlling HOW MUCH I eat required some tools to help me understand my behaviors. I would like to share a tool I developed to help me control mostly HOW MUCH I eat.

I made this spreadsheet to track my weekly food/calorie consumption. I used it as a planning tool for my meals and a way to learn how many calories I am consuming. Honestly, through the process of tracking you learn how many calories are in what you eat. Over time, you won’t need to actively track as much, because you just know.

This also helps. Buy a kitchen gram scale and a good blender (vitamix - I eat a whole food smoothie almost every day)

Eat healthy, stay fit, feel awesome and crush it

About Covellus

Covellus, located in the greater New York City area, is developing the first modular catheter system for interventional procedures. Covellus has established a clear pathway for 510(k) clearance of an initial Modular Balloon System. With the Covellus Modular Balloon System, physicians have the option of using the Parent Balloon for normal Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) with standard 0.035” guidewires or attach Adapter Modules to the distal end to create new unique multi-function balloon catheter. The approach is novel and poised to disrupt the PTA catheter market.  Additional information about Covellus can be found at

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