Drs. Gary Ansel and Michael R. Jaff from Healthcare Insights Solutions join Covellus as Chief Medical Advisors

Sept 9, 2020

New Jersey– Covellus LLC. (Covellus), a medical device company focused on the development of a novel Modular PTA Balloon Catheter System, announced today the appointment of Drs. Gary Ansel and Michael R. Jaff as its Chief Medical Advisors.

“Drs. Ansel and Jaff have significant experience in interventional catheter technologies and devices, particularly those used in peripheral interventions. I have known both Gary and Michael for many years, they bring a wealth of medical, strategic, regulatory and device technology experience to our team at Covellus” stated Bradley Beach, President and CEO of Covellus.

As Dr. Jaff explained, “The Covellus modular catheter system technology is an exciting new way for our colleagues in industry and healthcare delivery to conceptualize certain product categories. The PTA balloon market in particular has been quite stagnant, whereby the Modular PTA balloon system is poised to disrupt and advance the field.” 

“I am excited to join Covellus. This idea of physician created catheter tools to enable targeted and customized interventions is remarkably interesting. It has the potential to empower physicians to develop new interventional strategies and techniques. I look forward to advancing the technology and bringing it to a wider audience” said Dr. Gary Ansel.


About Covellus

Covellus, located in the greater New York City area, has patented the first modular catheter system for interventional procedures. Covellus is using the technology to develop a revolutionary Modular PTA Balloon system as a first embodiment. The Modular PTA Balloon products have been used in Veterinary canine pulmonary valvuloplasty procedures with a case study previously published in the JMIR Biomedical Engineering, https://biomedeng.jmir.org/2019/1/e14443. Additional information about Covellus can be found at www.covellus.com

About Healthcare Insights Solutions

Healthcare Insights Solutions is a unique vehicle to provide deep experience for those developing medical devices from the garage to post-market phase.  Through the longstanding experiences in designing and running clinical trials, presenting data to US and international regulatory authorities, advising national payers, holding multiple device patents, and negotiating over $2 Billion in mergers and acquisitions, HCIS has powerful capabilities to join teams and facilitate bold and impactful outcomes for patients.

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